Redimat Detectable Warning Mat

The original flexible surface
applied mat

Redimat Detectable Warning Mat

For concrete and asphalt surfaces

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AlertTile Detectable Warnings

Semi-rigid surface applied
detectable warning

AlertTile Detectable Warning Mat

Superior durability

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AlertCast Detectable Warnings

Industry's best replaceable
cast-in-place detectable warning

AlertCast Detectable Warning Mat

Patented anchor system

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Detectable Warnings brings ADA compliance to you with direct shipping and local distributors
  • Redimat detectable warnings radius application
  • Detectable warnings transit application
  • Ez Set Tile radius detectable warning
  • Detectable warning mats store front
  • Detectable Warnings in Transit Platform
  • Detectable Warning Mat Street
  • detectable warning at intersection
Since 1994
Detectable Warning Systems has been a pioneer in manufacturing and providing innovative and economical truncated dome detectable warning products. Our products provide ADA compliant tactile warning surfaces for visually impaired pedestrians at a reasonable cost to contractors, cities, counties, transit authorities and other agencies.

Products to Meet any Job Specification
Whatever the specifications of your job, Detectable Warning Systems has the product you need. With the flexible RediMat and rigid AlertTile® we can meet the needs of any retrofit, surface applied job. And for cast in place requirements we have the AlertCast the best overall cast in place detectable warning available.

Superior Customer Service
With a highly trained staff we work with you and your customers during the entire project cycle. From design to bidding, procurement and installation - our team is with you all the way. We welcome the opportunity to partner with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction on every job.

ADA Compliance and a 5-Year Warranty
All of our products are ADA compliant and meet or exceed ADAAG, FHWA, California Title 24, state and local requirements. And they are backed by a 5-year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship.

International Projects
We have experience designing and supplying products for international applications. For Canada our detectable warnings meet all Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements. In addition, we have supplied product for distributors, contractors and architects in Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, the south Pacific and the Middle East.

The Most Installer Friendly Detectable Warnings
Our highly durable detectable warnings are the most installer-friendly products on the market. We manufacture both surface applied and cast-in-place products. Both install in less than 10 minutes, have a 5-year limited warranty and meet ADA, FHWA, and other regulations that require detectable warning surfaces.


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Areas of Expertise

Call us for advice and to discuss what products will best meet the needs of your projects;

Sidewalks - standard and radius curb ramps
Transit - platform edge and common areas
Retail - public safety and compliance
Apartments / Multifamily - resident safety
International - Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Middle East  

Latest News

RediMat at FSU RediMat Detectable Warnings outside the stadium at Florida State University

RediMat Detectable Warnings outside the stadium at Florida State University.

RediMats at an Amtrak station RediMats at an Amtrak station

RediMat Detectable Warnings being installed along the platform edge at an Amtrak station.

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