Installing The CAST IN PLACE EZ Set Tile™

The EZ Set Tile™ is designed to be placed into wet concrete during ramp or other new construction projects.

Review the instructions below or click here for a pdf version.

Security Measures

Using barricades, cones or other means, block off work area to pedestrian and vehicle traffic during installation process. Be certain that safety guidelines are followed according to government or other regulatory standards.

Materials Required

In addition to the regular concrete finishing mason's tools which will be used to finish the concrete surface, installation of the EZ Set Tile™ requires only a rubber mallet, a 4' level, a straight edge and/or a level with electronic slope readout.

General Conditions

Pour and finish concrete according to the drawings and specifications. Maintain the slump range between 4 6. Check the slope using the electronic level to be certain that it meets all of the required standards. The EZ Set Tile™ is designed for pedestrian safe zones and as such is not designed for, or intended to be installed in vehicular traffic areas.



1. Anchor Installation

Install the 5/16" stainless steel anchor bolts into the preformed holes from the topside of the tile and hand tighten the anchor devices snug on the bolts to the bottom of the tile.

2. Locate

Trace an outline where tiles are to be placed in the wet concrete. This can be done using the point of a trowel or by making a wooden template. Be certain that the placement meets the specifications and drawings for the job.

3. Place

Set the first tile in place at one end of the traced outline and press into the wet concrete using a wiggling motion. Be careful not to push the tiles too far into the concrete. The edge of the tile should be even and level with the surrounding concrete. Place the second tile next to the first leaving a 1/4" gap and using the same wiggling motion to press it into the wet concrete. Be certain that the second tile is even and level with the first and with the surrounding concrete.

4 .Finish

Trowel concrete flat, remove any excess concrete and verify there is a 1/4" gap between the tiles. Apply broom finish or other recommended finish to the area immediately surrounding the tiles.
Anchor Installation

5. Recheck slope

Recheck the slope using the electronic level, and adjust the tiles if necessary to maintain the required slope specifications.

6. Finish

The final step of the process is to sponge or brush the surface to remove any excess concrete that may have been left on the surface of the EZ Set Tiles™. Do not allow any pressure from walking or other sources to be applied to the EZ Set Tiles™ during the concrete curing process (two days minimum).





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