Specifications for The SURFACE APPLIED RediMat™

Specific Gravity 1.22 ASTM D 792
Tensile Strength 1100 psi ASTM D 412
Hardness 90 (Shore A) ASTM D 2240
Slip Resistance .89 ASTM F 1679-96
Chemical Resistance No Change ASTM D 1038
Freeze-Thaw Cycling Unaffected ASTM C 1026-84
Water Absorption .36% After Vacuum ASTM D 570
Stain Resistance No Significant Change ASTM D 1308-87
Flammability 1.12 Watts/cm2 ASTM E 648
Smoke Density 245(@ 4 minutes) ASTM E 662
Tear Strength 200 ASTM D 624-91
QUV Exposure No Change "B" Bulbs 200 hrs.
Abrasion/Wear Resistance

(1000gms/1000 cycles)
<4.7 mgs

ASTM D-4060





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